Leader: Shannon Waroway

What many people think of children’s ministry…

  • a noisy place
  • crowded spaces
  • crying and whining toddlers
  • hyperactive kids
  • cleaning up messes
  • wiping noses
  • changing diapers
  • making crafts
  • serving snacks
  • reading bible stories
  • dealing with unruly behavior
  • cleaning up more messes

What children’s ministry can be …

  • encouraging
  • entertaining
  • profoundly spiritual at times
  • meaningful even at the youngest ages
  • an opportunity to learn and be useful
  • a chance to make friends
  • a place to be loved, accepted & celebrated
  • where faith is nurtured
  • a place where kids feel they belong
  • where kids grow spiritually
  • a place that is safe to be yourself
  • a place where you will feel God’s presence
Volunteering in children’s ministry is an opportunity to be blessed in an unexpected way. Yes, wiping noses, and cleaning up messes come with the territory. But the blessings far outweigh these things! We promise that if you engage in the lives of the children at Crossroads, it will be time well-spent.